Adventures to inspire media

Tourism Tropical North Queensland is running an adventure campaign in February and March with a strong focus on scuba diving. This includes social and digital media buy, magazine advertising and media famils.

Advertising and editorial will run in Scuba Diver Magazine between March and July encouraging divers to book for the dwarf minke whale season and highlighting premium dive spots on the outer Great Barrier Reef. It will also look ahead to the annual coral spawning.

Three dive famil itineraries have been planned and pitched to leading media. These include a day trip for a certified diver wanting a variety of Cairns soft adventure experiences, learning to dive to achieve an open water certificate and learning to dive with a liveaboard experience included.

With international borders closed, there is an opportunity to encourage potential travellers to take the opportunity to learn to dive and explore the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.


[Adventures to inspire media – TTNQ Fortnightly Pulse article – 10 February 2021]