Cassowary Award for TTNQ

TTNQ’s leadership during Covid-19 and commitment to sustainable tourism earned the Wet Tropics Management Authority (WTMA) Chair’s Award at the Cassowary Awards.

Our organisation was praised for taking courageous steps in working with WTMA on the Nature-Based Tourism Strategy and supporting the Green and Blue Economic Stimulus Package to help make the region a smart green capital in Australia.

WTMA Chair Leslie Shirreffs recognised TTNQ’s commitment to developing sustainable tourism for the region that helps protect the two World Heritage areas.

“This year’s Chair Award recipient exemplifies that never give up spirit. Next year the World Heritage Convention will celebrate its 50th anniversary and presentation is a key tenant of that convention, just as important as preserving and protecting the world’s most exceptional place,” Ms Shirreffs said at the Awards ceremony.

“This year’s winner has worked tirelessly over the years to promote the region’s natural assets, but it is how they stood up to the challenges of Covid-19, supporting our region, taking a strong leadership role and innovating to both keep the region alive and be in a position to kickstart the return of the visitors when borders could be opened.

“Starting with the see great, leave greater campaign to transform visitors’ lives by visiting the reef, ancient rainforest and great Indigenous culture and stories, they presented the Wet Tropics and its signature experiences as a must see for all Australians.

“They continue to participate in collaborative activities to pursue climate resilience for the rainforest and work closely with the Authority on the development of a World Heritage Sustainable Tourism Plan to ensure the Area is a resilient, well-presented and well-appreciated world-class destination.”


[Cassowary Award for TTNQ – TTNQ Fortnightly Pulse  – 30 June 2021]