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CEO Column – 22 November 2017

The annual coral spawn is a sign of hope for those concerned about the future of the Great Barrier Reef and it is fantastic seeing the media reports which are appearing multiple times in newspapers, broadcast bulletins and digital media around the world and across Australia.

Here are some of the early reports from around the world:

Europe / Germany

TEQ Europe media release


Reuters | CNN | Star Online | Off-grid | CGTN (result of Reuters UK) | | Breaking News | Belfast Telegraph | Irish Examiner | Evening Echo | Yachting and Boat World | Xposé | AOL | Yahoo | EBL News | TVS | Deccan Chronicle | MSN | Washington Post (result of Reuters UK) | The Globe and Mail

News about the coral spawning is included in this month’s free e-newsletter Reef Chat (link) which shares some great images and videos of the annual event. Please forward it to your contacts to encourage more people to discover what is happening each month on the Reef.

Focusing on the people, places and science of the World Heritage area, Reef Chat has been published for the past three months in response to media, travel agent and traveller requests for up-to-date information on the Great Barrier Reef.

An extraordinary number of people from school children to scientists are doing their bit for the Great Barrier Reef both on the land and in the water and their stories are an inspiration for people who care about the Reef.

We want to keep the conversation about the Great Barrier Reef going and encourage people around the world to be knowledgeable advocates for this beautiful and diverse ecosystem.