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CEO-Board Updates

CEO Column – 4 August 2017

Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ) has entered a new spirit of agreement with the destination’s Local Tourism Organisations to drive visitation throughout the region.

A Memorandum of Understanding had been signed with Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree, Tropical Coast Tourism, Tropical Tablelands Tourism, Savannah Way Limited and Tourism Cape York.

This agreement will ensure a tri-partisan approach between TTNQ, the Local Tourism Organisations and local governments to work towards a mutual understanding on the value of tourism and the multiplier effect that tourists bring to the economy.

We have already seen the benefit of working this way with the parties previously signing a Memorandum of Understanding to work together under the Drive North Queensland partnership.

Drive North Queensland has helped disperse visitors throughout the region, encouraged repeat visitation and longer stays as travellers explore further afield with about one-third of all visitors engaged in drive.

Extending beyond the drive market, this new agreement is the start of a long-term relationship which will evolve over time as we work together to identify key initiatives which could include sharing strategy, resources and expertise.

Working together in this way will ensure we are a combined voice for the Tropical North Queensland tourism industry pursuing a common vision through strategic industry leadership and alliance.

Advantages include minimising duplication in joint marketing activities to support the Tropical North Queensland destination.

An annual strategic planning meeting will be convened to identify common directions and priorities such as cooperative campaigns, joint funding applications and regional branding opportunities.

This will be particularly useful to maximise our media buying power and to use each other’s distribution platforms including websites and Visitor Information Centres.

Our combined voices will facilitate positive outcomes for industry issues and assist with opportunities with third parties such as the local councils and Queensland Government.

Local Tourism Organisations are responsible for grassroots industry development, in-region trade and media support and collaborative marketing investment making them a vital part of our industry’s structure and an effective way for local government to leverage the tourism system.


Pip Close