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CEO-Board Updates

CEO Column – 9 November 2017

New TNQ consumer website launched
Full screen imagery, authentic anecdotes and insightful tips showcase the beauty of Tropical North Queensland in our newly launched consumer website.

Fringed by reef, enveloped by rainforest and ringed by the red dirt of the Outback, there is no other place on Earth like Tropical North Queensland.

The wow factor that inspires people to visit our destination has been captured in this easy to navigate website which was designed to inspire travellers to want to see, know and experience more of the region.

It is a trustworthy channel that delivers information and inspires holiday ideas ensuring it is a genuinely useful resource for visitors.

Nature leads the way in the stunning imagery, while authentic first-hand travel experiences are shared and detailed information is only a couple of clicks away.

Visitors will be tempted to explore further south to the Cassowary Coast, west to the Atherton Tablelands and Gulf Savannah, and north to Cooktown and Cape York.

We will be able to update content as new product evolves ensuring hero experiences such as our Indigenous offerings continue to excite, while highlighting the diversity of food tourism, unique wildlife and adventure activities.

The relaunched website is part of TTNQ’s new year-round digital program to maximise engagement with potential visitors and grow their knowledge, aspiration and consideration for the destination.

With the growing shift to mobilisation, it is important to focus on reaching our audience on the devices they spend a large part of their time on.

The online space is where we can best engage our potential audience and distribute our content in a compelling and cost-effective way.

It also allows the additional benefit of easily tracking the efficiency and success of what we do.

The new TTNQ consumer site gives us a platform to develop measurable online partnerships that will deliver compelling content to the right audience at a time that suits them.

The web design process has also enabled us to establish clarity around the look, feel and tone of our digital content which is essential if we are to deliver content that will inspire and stimulate consumer demand.

As part of this new strategy we have expanded the TTNQ digital team with the addition of Creative Specialist Jilara Kuch and Digital Operations Assistant Tamara Goldsworthy.

Make sure your product is on the new website

Your product listings are managed by TTNQ and initially are the same as your ATDW listing. Should you wish to update your product listings, this can be done by submitting your request to  [email protected].

If your product is not listed with the ATDW, but you would like to be listed on, you can list your listing details here.

Here are some basic guidelines for creating your listing:

  • Only images in landscape format (not portrait) will be accepted
  • Images should be AT LEAST 2048 pixels wide, although 3200px or higher is preferred
    photos must be in jpeg or png format
  • Images cropped at an aspect ratio of 16:9 are preferred although 4:3 is also acceptable. (Please be mindful that your pictures will show at ratios wider than 16:9 in most cases when selecting and cropping)
  • No logos or text on images can be accepted

For further information read the ATDW’s guide on making a listing stand out with photos here.