CEO-Board Updates

June 2018 CEO Update

This week the Tropical North Queensland tourism industry came together to hear how TTNQ is progressing on our new strategic direction to deliver $3.5 billion in expenditure by 2020.

TTNQ has redeveloped our membership structure to encourage greater involvement in the tourism industry by offering free entry level membership to the small businesses who indirectly benefit from the visitor economy.

The three partner levels of membership have been redefined to offer more value to the businesses who play a crucial role in the tourism industry.

Unite and Partner is our mantra at TTNQ. We want to work with our community and our industry to do our job better and create opportunities for economic development.

We are very focused on working with all partners throughout Tropical North Queensland and looking forward to developing diversity and dispersing our visitors from Cairns and beyond.

Videos of the presentations at the Industry Update will be available on the new corporate website next week.


Pip Close
Chief Executive Officer