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CEO-Board Updates

Chair Column – 26 October 2017

The TTNQ Board bid farewell to Max Shepherd today, thanking him for his tireless efforts as Chair for the past three years and his commitment to the tourism industry for the past half century.

My appointment as Chair was confirmed by the Board and North Queensland Airports Chief Executive Officer Norris Carter was appointed a Director.

Norris’ appointment will add a vital skillset to the Board through his extensive airline and airport industry experience with Qantas, Auckland Airport, Cairns and Mackay Airports.

Aviation is the funnel for visitation to Tropical North Queensland and a key plank for economic success for the region.

If the TTNQ Board can understand the drivers and nuances of aviation, we can better align our destination marketing to ensure sustainable air routes.

Norris is looking forward to contributing to TTNQ as a Director to grow tourism into Tropical North Queensland.

Cairns South Zone representative Ross Steele was re-elected Deputy Chair and new General Directors Sam Ferguson and Craig Pocock were welcomed to the Board after their election at the Annual General Meeting on Friday.

Also serving on the TTNQ Board are Tropical Tablelands/Remote Zone Director Ghislaine Gallo, General Director Russell Boswell, Cairns North Zone representative Sheena Walshaw, General Director Todd Parker, General Director Peter Woodward and Southern Zone Director Mark Evans.

I thank Max for his service to TTNQ which he chose to end during his 50th year of working in the tourism industry.

Max has been a stalwart and mentor for many in tourism, myself included, with a canny ability to think business decisions through.

His steady hand on the wheel at world-class operations including Quicksilver and Skyrail has complemented brilliant marketing coups including President Bill Clinton’s trip to the Great Barrier Reef and the Olympic torch’s first swim underwater at Agincourt Reef.

A humble man with a wry sense of humour, Max will be missed by every one of us, but we hope he continues to visit and make sure we’re ‘doing it right’.

As well as holding its first board meeting after the AGM this week, the board and executive are also commencing a strategic planning review process that will consider the most effective way TTNQ can add long-term value for our industry, and to the whole TNQ region.


Wendy Morris