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Chinese triathletes to train in Cairns

Cairns has been selected as a base for Chinese athletes to participate in triathlon training camps.

Tropical North Queensland General Manager Rosie Douglas said Chinese sports tour wholesaler Wholetour had announced Cairns would be an integral part of their sports Training Camp Program being developed in Australia.

“Wholetour has been bringing Chinese athletes to participate in the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival for five years and is very impressed with the facilities and climate of Cairns for a training camp,” she said.

“During that time they have been promoting Cairns as the top triathlon destination in the world where athletes can enjoy spectacular scenery while they compete and great lifestyle experiences after their events.”

Wholetour spokesperson Rick Li said Cairns had been selected as a Tri-Training Camp Base because of its ideal environment, training venues, weather, and experienced coaching professionals.

“We have been working with TTNQ and local business partners since 2015 to bring professional and amateur athletes and their families to Cairns for the Ironman.

“To fulfill the increasing needs of our sports tourism clients, Wholetour is now working on a Sports Training Camp Program in Australia.

“We promote Australia by showcasing sporting events and the lifestyle to Chinese people wanting to participate in a variety of outdoor sports events including triathlon, marathons, cycling and ocean swims.

“These high-value special interest visitors stay longer in the destination, spend more for greater experiences, and return home as ambassadors who want to come back to compete again.”

Mr Li has accompanied a group of 40 athletes and their family on Hainan Airlines from Shenzhen to Cairns this year.

They will be competing in the Quicksilver Reef Swim at Green Island, The Cairns Post Bright Night Fun Run, the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship and Ironman 70.3 Cairns.

6 June 2019