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March 2018 CEO Update

TTNQ is backing The Last Straw on The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef campaign to get businesses within a 200km radius of the Reef to go plastic straw free.

Campaign founder Nicole Nash has convinced more than 50 Great Barrier Reef boats to remove the straws with Sunlover Cruises estimating that they are saving around 50,000 straws a year on their vessels.

Nicole is encouraging cafes, restaurants and bars to take up the challenge now and has the added incentive of The Cairns Post publically listing all participating businesses in an upcoming edition.

“Being so close to the Great Barrier Reef, it’s important we can all work together to limit debris entering the GBR, but also to limit our addiction to single-use plastics,” she says.

“Studies have proven that corals exposed to plastic are 89 per cent more susceptible to acquiring disease.

“With all the battles the Great Barrier Reef has had to face, you can make a difference by limiting your use of single use plastics – such as straws.”

The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef is a partner initiative with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Pip Close
Chief Executive Officer