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Great Barrier Reef pitch for US travel writers

TTNQ Chief Executive Officer Pip Close said the destination marketing organisation would be the only Queensland representative attending International Media Marketplace New York City.

“The travel media use this event to meet tourism brands from around the world and plan their destination coverage for the next 12 months,” she said.

“They include the Los Angeles Times, Conde Nast, USA Today, CBS National Travel, BBC Travel, San Francisco Travel, National Geographic, Forbes and Huffington Post.

“TTNQ’s Corporate Communications Consultant Liz Inglis will be attending to pitch stories about the Great Barrier Reef as 2018 is the Year of the International Coral Reef.

“We have worked with Tropical North Queensland reef operators to uncover what is so great about the Great Barrier Reef.

“There are our characters who work and play on the Reef including the volunteers and scientists who are doing their bit to help the Reef regenerate.

“Big ticket items like the Reef’s Great Eight will be important to people travelling from the other side of the world for the first time and they can tick the boxes by seeing Clownfish, Potato Cod, giant clams, Manta rays, Maori wrasse, sharks, turtles and whales in Tropical North Queensland.

“However, we must not forget the Magic Millions – the millions of ‘David Attenborough’ moments that can be seen every day on the Great Barrier Reef.

“These include the sex-changing Parrotfish chomping on coral, juvenile fish darting into seagrass to avoid being eaten by a turtle and the white Damselfish removing coral rubble from his home on the sea floor.

“The Great Barrier Reef is the only place in the world where you can swim with Dwarf Minke Whales, float over colourful giant clams and look for six of the world’s seven species of turtle.

“Our World Heritage area is vibrant, alive and brimming with life changing experiences and it will be TTNQ’s job to convince the US travel media that the Great Barrier Reef is the destination they need to feature in 2018.

“While the Great Barrier Reef will be the focal point for International Media Marketplace, Tropical North Queensland’s key hero experiences will not be forgotten.

“We anticipate there will also be interest in the Wet Tropics rainforest, Indigenous culture, unique adventures and the tropical lifestyle that people from around the world come to experience.”


For more information, contact:
Communications Consultant Liz Inglis
M: 0419 643 494 | E: [email protected]