ReThink, ReImagine, ReCreate: Waste Challenge!

The Challenge: Rethink waste management in your tourism operations, reimagine how materials can be reduced, recycled, repurposed and reinvented or recreate your approach to waste in alignment with the circular economy opportunities and principles! Tell your story in a short video (under 1 min) or editorial piece (max 2 pages of content) that TTNQ can amplify and promote across various channels.

The Prize:

A video package promoting sustainability stories within your business, suitable for trade and/or consumer marketing with the value of up to $3000.00 inc GST.

TTNQ will amplify your story across trade and consumer channels. Stand out as a Sustainability leader and inspire others to think and act creatively in response to waste management.

Innovation Meets Sustainability in Waste Management – some ideas:

From reducing single-use plastics to repurposing materials into unique souvenirs and decor, let your creativity flourish as you tell the story of transforming waste into valuable resources. Embrace sustainable practices such as composting organic waste and sourcing local, eco-friendly products to minimize your environmental footprint.

Closing the Loop – dive into the circular economy by exploring innovative ways to close the loop on waste. From implementing recycling programs to upcycling materials into new and exciting products, tell the story of turning waste streams into opportunities for creativity and sustainability. Example: Sustainability at Cairns Airport

Compelling Stories for Social Impact – Capture the excitement and innovation of your waste reduction journey and share it with the world through captivating storytelling and stunning visuals! From upcycling workshops to behind-the-scenes glimpses of your circular economy initiatives, let your social media channels become a platform for inspiration, education, and community engagement. Spark conversations, ignite passion, and showcase the transformative power of sustainable practices in the tourism industry. Example: Small World Journeys’ waste initiatives

By embracing the challenge, you’re not just transforming your own operations, or telling your own story, you’re leaving a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship that reverberates throughout North Queensland and beyond in our collective work towards  a promise of a greater good!

 Terms and Conditions

  • Waste management practices must already be in place (not in planning)
  • Must show a demonstrated positive effect for: business, community and customers.
  • One submission per company
  • Submission due by 31 July and winner announced August in PULSE
  • TTNQ may utilise content submissions and promote across various channels

Please submit content to [email protected]

Large files may be share on cloud-based software if required.