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Well Traveller TV finds wellness in Tropical North Queensland

Tropical North Queensland will appear in this week’s episode of Well Traveller TV, Australia’s first wellness travel show which premiered on Sunday 23 October on Network 10.

The series is hosted by Seven-time world surfing champion Layne Beachley to showcase the best wellness retreats, destinations, and experiences across Australia. The Tropical North Queensland episode will be joined by wellness advocate, Turia Pitt, where they will take an everyday Australian on a wellness journey to help them reset and inspire viewers who may relate to feelings of stress, grief and other common challenges faced in everyday life.

According to the latest Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) Wellness Tourism Initiative survey, Australia was named the number one wellness destination in the world beating Thailand and Indonesia for the top post.

Katherine Droga, Chair of the GWI Wellness Tourism Initiative, said the mindset of travellers has shifted significantly towards mindful travel and a greater focus on wellbeing.

“Pre-COVID, wellness travel in this country was valued at $14 billion USD and was growing at twice the rate of regular travel,” says Droga. “This is a phenomenal rate of growth and very reflective of the need state of our Aussie travellers who are searching for more than just a getaway.

“The fact that Australia is the most appealing wellness destination primes the country for mindful travellers who have a sustainable ‘tread lightly’ mindset, who want to connect to local cultures and communities, and travel out of peak seasons. That’s why we were set on having Tropical North Queensland involved as they align with many of the wellness aspects travellers are searching for.”

Tourism Tropical North Queensland Chief Executive Officer Mark Olsen said wellness travel was a perfect fit for Tropical North Queensland where experiences were focused on enjoying nature.

“We have two World Heritage areas side by side with the world’s oldest living culture sharing the stories of the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics rainforest to ensure visitors not only see great, but leave greater,” he said.

“Tropical North Queensland also has the highest concentration of eco-certified operators in Australia so it’s easy for travellers to choose experiences that are contributing to the wellness of the environment.”

The upcoming episode will appear on Sunday 30 October, 4pm on Network 10.

The TV series also coincides with the launch of the Well Traveller website – a hub of rich content, featured destinations, operator listings, deals and events, interactive regional maps, must-have wellness travel merchandise and so much more.


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