Linking Tourism and Environmental Science

To further develop destination marketing strategies, a PhD Candidate from James Cook University, Karmen Lužar, is investigating how the tourism industry and universities may work together to add new dimensions to the tourism experience. This Queensland-first study provides an opportunity to develop a unique advantage.

The tourism industry and environmental science are both important sectors for Queensland. Nature-based tourism is a key industry in the region, and its success depends on pristine environments. Environmental science is directly relevant to the preservation of nature and sustainable use of resources. A unique feature of environmental assets (compared to human-made attractions) is their dynamic, living nature. Natural environments constantly change, but this fundamental quality of nature is often not taken into consideration by tourism offerings.

Environmental science can help. The latest environmental science findings about the state of natural assets, as well as human impacts on the environment and biological and biodiversity-related information, could add knowledge-intensive value to Queensland tourism sites. This upgrade would give visitors a unique opportunity to learn about a natural wonder at a certain point in time rather than seeing it as timeless and static.

We would like to show you a short documentary intended to explore the actual interest among tourism professionals in incorporating environmental science findings in their operations. In the video, below, you will see a couple of examples of current environmental research in Queensland. Please consider whether information like this could add value to your operation, for example by you sharing it directly or indirectly with your visitors or clients.

After watching the video, please complete the survey (link under the video). We understand that not all science will be relevant to all businesses, but your perspective is still a valuable contribution to us. It will help us to tailor future efforts towards your shared interests. The survey will only take 10 minutes of your time, however, those who finish the survey also have an option to enter a raffle for a Woolworths voucher. Thank you for your valuable contribution to this research.  Please enjoy the video:

(Article from TTNQ Fortnightly Pulse – 28 October 2020)