United Kingdom Marketing Overview

As at March 2020


  • Top Line Numbers (YE 30 Sep 2019)

    Share of overnight expenditure: 7.8%
    Forecasted Growth 2020: **to be revised
    Visitors: 75,000 | -9%
    Visitor Nights: 679,000 | -14%
    Expenditure: $85M | -23%

  • Bookings

    70% of visitors book via Trade.
    GBR one of their main reasons to visit.
    90% of UK visitors are holiday visitors.

  • Aviation

    Connections via
    • Singapore Airlines/SilkAir (direct)
    • Domestic connections
  • Other insights

    70% of visitors book via trade with the Great Barrier Reef one of their main reasons to visit
    90% of UK visitors are holiday visitors
    Strong Working Holiday Maker (WHM) / Youth and Adventure market
    Strong Self Drive market
    Sporting events influence this market


Collaborate with TA / TEQ to arrest the decline in WHM / Youth Market.
Support aviation attraction efforts to secure direct services.


Target Audience

  • High Value Traveller
  • VFR market/Repeat traveller
  • First time travellers
  • WHM / Youth travellers
  • Couples, Young Families, Retirees



  • Content creation, strategies to share aspirational content
  • PR/Media engagement where relevant.

Looking ahead

  • Digital awareness/re-targeting campaign with Cairns & GBR product, TEQ and KDP
  • WHM/Youth Traveller campaign activity
  • First Timer opportunity (Sydney, Rock, Reef) – STO collaboration
  • Trade Educationals
  • Media/PR engagement and Educationals
  • UK/Europe Marketplace and in-market agent training
  • Leveraging relevant events for UK Market

Working with us

  • UK/Europe Marketplace attendance
  • ATEC/Inbound Tour Operator engagement/Training
  • Media and Trade Educational support