Novel Coronavirus Industry Impact


Novel Coronavirus Industry Update

We understand the confluence of the bushfire and the Coronavirus is having an immediate and significant impact on our industry. TTNQ is working with Tourism Australia and Tourism & Events Queensland to leverage the #HolidayHere campaign to target the domestic market.

Impacted businesses should contact TTNQ directly to let us know the impact on direct cancellations, jobs and forward bookings. The more specific the better as we are in daily discussions with TEQ and the State Government in terms of industry support and marketing. These statistics will be shared with Tourism Australia and Tourism Events Queensland. Please email cancellation figures and details of other impacts to [email protected].

Details on travel restrictions to Australia.

Tourism Australia is providing regular updates on its website.

Queensland Tourism Industry Council – Update #6

Coronavirus cases

Johns Hopkins University has produced a heat map that updates the number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world.

Australian Government Department of Health Information

Practice good hygiene to protect against infections:
• Wash your hands often
• Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

Updates on novel coronavirus.

The Chief Medical Officer has advised the tourism industry that visitors who might be incubating the novel coronavirus should isolate themselves in their hotel rooms for 14 days. He has reassured the industry that people are unlikely to be infectious if they are well. While staff should avoid close contact with well guests during the isolation period, it is safe to be in the same room when delivering food. Cleaning staff should wear gloves and use alcohol hand rub and may wish to wear a surgical mask.

The updated advice suggests isolation for:
• Any person who left Hubei province less than 14 days ago (isolate until 14 days after they left Hubei).
• Any identified close contacts of proven cases of novel coronavirus (isolate until 14 days after last contact with the proven case).
• Any person who left, or transited through, mainland China on or after 1 February 2020 (isolate until 14 days after leaving China).

Fact sheet for hotels and hotel staff.

Fact sheet for hotel guests.

For further concerns call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84).

Business and Personal Distress Support

For business owners who find themselves in distress, understanding what the next step is can be confusing or worse still, confronting. In situations like this having a sounding board to discuss critical options is important. As a business coach and strategist with over 30 years tourism experience and a mental health first aider and counsellor, Kayleen is well-positioned to assist business owners to explore what options are available to them and their businesses and the potential implications of these decisions. Tourism Gems is offering free 30 minutes phone chats focusing on business and personal distress support.

Contact Kayleen Allen on 040 7133 690 (Mon-Fri)