Brand Seasonal Campaigns

Escape Winter to the Tropics

Dates: 11 April – 30 June 2021

Summary: TNQ relies heavily on the tourism economy, a $3.5B annual visitor contribution. The detrimental impact of COVID-19 in TNQ has caused an estimated loss of 2.2B in visitor spend by year-end March 2021 and has impacted over 11,700 tourism jobs. Whilst the winter months are traditionally the busiest time for the domestic market, currently there is a level of uncertainly around travel and risk of having to go into quarantine due to adhoc hotspot outbreaks. However, while these factors are out of our control, it is imperative that we are highly visible in the “cluttered” domestic market to ensure whatever opportunities are available to us are maximised and result in bookings/conversion for the region.

Target Market: HVT audience in NSW/VIC/QLD/SA/TAS and national STV, overlayed with key Helix Personas

Partners: Media – IMATE, social media influencers/content creators, We Are Explorers, Out & About with Kids, Signature Luxury – Holidays with Kids. Retail – Ignite My Queensland and Luxury Escapes

Channel Approach: Out-Of-Home (OOH), TV – STV/FTA, BVOD, influencers, social media – Facebook & Instagram, Digital – native, YouTube, SEM and press – editorial.

Key Performance Indicators: AVE, reach, organic search growth, site traffic (clicks) and conversion (operator referrals & retail bookings)

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Summer Lives On

Dates: 16 February – 31 March 2021

Summary: The domestic market represents two-thirds of annual visitation and dominates travel during the winter months, with international visitation highest over the summer months. With international borders not opening until late 2021 at the earliest, the region is facing a major shortfall in visitation through summer and as we move into our autumn months. We have the opportunity to capture the audience who usually travel to our competitor markets of Fiji, Bali and Thailand and offer them the same sort of tropical experiences, but with the safety of not having to leave the country.

Target Market: Key interstate markets SYD/MEL High Value Travellers (HVT).

Partners: Media – IMATE media and social media influencers @haylsa and @kyle_hunter, Retail – Helloworld and Expedia

Channel approach: Out-Of-Home (OOH) billboards, digital – native, Spotify and YouTube, SEM, influencers and social media – Facebook and Instagram

Key Performance Indicators: AVE, reach/impressions, engagement and conversion (operator referrals & retail bookings).

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Summer in the Tropics

October 2020 – March 2021

Summary: Tropical North Queensland is typically viewed as a two-seasonal year (wet and dry). Domestically, our summer is thought of as too hot, wet, or dangerous to visit. We need to change the perception around our season. We know that each season promises a special experience, completely different to any other time of the year. This campaign will position TNQ as the summer holiday destination to our domestic audience (that may have typically gone to Fiji, Bali or Thailand). We will showcase the amazing experience this region has to offer during summer; growing our share of voice and in turn, increase visitor spend. Summer in the tropics will have you feeling great and leaving greater.

Partners: IMATE, News Limited, Luxury Escapes, Helloworld, Qantas Hotels, Phil Hoffman Travel, Expedia, Ignite (My Queensland Holidays), Signature Luxury Travel & style, Holidays with Kids, and Australian Traveller.

Assets Created: YouTube bumpers (6sec), billboards, print and digital ads, editorial, social and TV integration

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See Great, Leave Greater Campaign

June – December 2020

Summary: This campaign was originally due to commence in April 2020 however was postponed due to COVID-19. It comprised of two 4-week retail campaign bursts; June to August and September to October with Expedia, Ignite Travel, and Accor. This will be supported by campaigns across free-to-air and subscription television, out-of-home advertising, print and digital media with Newscorp, Facebook and Instagram. The activity will coincide with easing of COVID-19 restrictions, focusing on intrastate market during the first burst and interstate market in the second burst. This activity is flexible and will be adjusted in line with the easing of restrictions affecting the tourism industry. All assets created will feature the new brand “See great, leave greater”.

Partners: Tourism & Events Queensland, News Corp, Expedia, Ignite Travel Group and Accor Hotel Group

Assets Created: Subscription TV ads, digital ads (display and native tiles), YouTube 6sec bumper ads, social media content (video, image and carousel ads)

Key Metrics:Revenue generated from retail campaigns, video views, social media reach and engagement, TV viewerships and website traffic

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Inspiration/Dream Greater Campaign

May – June 2020

Summary: Using captivating digital content focused on reef, rainforest and drive, this campaign will inspire regional Queenslanders so that TNQ is top of mind when restrictions ease. Sponsored content including a travel article and videos will feature on, supported by a digital media featuring link adds and video content, directed back to our consumer website. It will also gather consumers who have engaged with the content into a separate pool for retargeting as we move into the Recovery phase. 


Assets Created: 30, 15 and 6 sec destination video content plus social media ads

Key Metrics: The campaign will measure page views, impressions and social reach

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