Year of Indigenous Tourism

TNQ Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group


Tourism Tropical North Queensland facilitates the TNQ Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group where operators and stakeholders share knowledge and work together to build our Indigenous Experience offerings. The groups role, scope and guiding principles are here.  To be included in group emails please contact Russell Boswell at [email protected].


TNQ Indigenous Experiences Mentoring Program


TTNQ has secured funding from the Queensland Government to deliver mentoring for the region’s Indigenous Experiences to significantly increase the market presence of more operators.

Operators of Indigenous Experiences can apply for funding to increase their marketing activity. See the full details here.

TTNQ is currently advertising for consultants to submit outcome-based packages that will be offered to selected operators. Consultants are required to register and complete the below form to be promoted to operators.

Applications for eligible operators will be open 1-21 March 2021 on a “first-in” basis via [email protected]

For further information please contact Russell Boswell on 0408 772 513 / [email protected]

Steering Committee for TNQ First Nations Tourism Action Plan


Nominations are now open for 3 Cluster Group representatives to join the Steering Committee for our regional version of the Queensland plan. To nominate someone please email the name and phone number of the nominee, and name and phone number of the nominator to [email protected]. Cluster Group members will be asked to vote on nominees if more than three are received. Nominations close 19 March 2021.


It's not every day you get to crawl through a spectacular cave system without a guide ⛰🔦 But in #Chillagoe that's exactly what you can do 🏜The Chillagoe-Mungana Caves began to form 400 million years ago when the landscape was covered by a shallow sea 🌊⛰️ No, you won’t find batman hiding out in here, but you might be lucky enough to spot some bats! 🦇 Ripe with natural & cultural heritage, this incredible place is only a 3hr drive from #Cairns on the @athertontablelands 🚙
​📸 @theramblerco #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #summergreat #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia
Tropical vibes for tropical lives 🐚🌺 There’s no better place to kick back & relax than on a sand cay in the middle of the @gbrmarinepark ✨ Get the full rockstar experience& have your perfect picnic on #VlasoffCay with @nautilusaviation or @gbrhelicopters 🥥🍉
​📸 @aquilina_nikki #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia #summergreat
BOATS BOATS BOATS ⛵️ We don’t know about you, but in @tropicalnorthqueensland, we’ve got a thing for boats 🌊🐚 On a @gbrmarinepark adventure with @passionsofparadise, things will be smooth sailing ✨☀️ In case you were wondering, their boat is ferry impressive, certainly one of the most boatiful around 😉 It’s time to mast-er the seas 🐠⚓️
​📸 @flyingwitherin #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #summergreat #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia
It’s the flipping weekend 🌊🤸‍♂️ There’s nothing quite as majestic as manta ray performing circus tricks on the @gbrmarinepark 🐚✨ This fancy fella was spotted near #FourMileBeach in @portdouglasdaintree ☀️🏝
​📸 @reef.wanderer #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia #summergreat
There’s nothing better than standing in the warm summer rains of @tropicalnorthqueensland ☔️ But there’s more to @mossmangorge than just a pretty picture 🌿 Here you’ll find over 50,000 years worth of Kuku Yalanji history & culture 👣🌺 Head off on a Dreatime Walk or welcome to country with Traditional Owners, peruse the gallery, take a dip in the cool waters & sample the local food at the cafe 🦋🎨

⚠️ Remember, rising waters & rapids can occur in this area, especially with heavy rain. Please ensure you follow all warnings & take extra precaution when in or around water ✨
​📸 @_jessica.mae #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #summergreat #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia
If you like crisp, freshwater swimming holes lined with granite boulders & surrounded by tropical rainforest then we’ve found the perfect place for you ✨🌿 Welcome to the iconic #BabindaBoulders, made even better if you add some bright floaties - giant pink flamingo anyone? 🦩 Maybe a unicorn 🦄 There are picnic and barbecue facilities here, so pack some lunch and make a day of it! 🧺🍉
​📸 @jamesvodicka #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #summergreat #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia
A little birdie told us there's something going on along the @savannah_way_australia 🤔🌿 Welcome to @talaroohotsprings, @tropicalnorthqueensland's newest camping and caravan experience 🏕Stay & discover the stories of the Ewamian people of #Einasleigh 👣 Learn about the natural & cultural jewel on the banks of the #EinasleighRiver, Talaroo Hot Springs 💦☀️ 
​Opening May 2021 ✨
​📸 @talaroohotsprings #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #summergreat #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia
From where we’d rather be🛁✨ As we’re sure you’re already aware, @tropicalnorthqueensland is home to some pretty monumental mountains 🌄🌿 But #MountMulligan is definitely one of the most paparazzi-worthy 📸🤩 Tucked away in her giant shadow is the breathtaking @mountmulliganlodge 😍 With stunning scenery & luxury living you’ll never want to leave 🌅🙏
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Chasing a scenic spot to relax & recharge? 🤔 We know just the place! 🙌 Say hello to the stunning beachside village where luxury & relaxation reign supreme ☀️🍹 After innovative dining? Try @nunurestaurant 🥭🌺 Beachfront spa? @alamandaspapalmcove 🏝🧖‍♀️ Or maybe you want to discover #PalmCove’s colonial charm 🌸 Then stay the night at @reefhousepalmcove 🐚✨
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