Year of Indigenous Tourism

TNQ Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group

Tourism Tropical North Queensland facilitates the TNQ Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group where operators and stakeholders share knowledge and work together to build our Indigenous Experience offerings. The groups role, scope and guiding principles are here.  To be included in group emails please contact Russell Boswell at [email protected].


TNQ Indigenous Experiences Mentoring Program

TTNQ has secured funding from the Queensland Government to deliver mentoring for the region’s Indigenous Experiences to significantly increase the market presence of more operators. TTNQ advertised for consultants to submit outcome-based packages that will be offered to selected operators. Consultants were required to register to be promoted to operators and are listed below:

Complete Business Solutions – contact Petina Tieman, [email protected] or 07 4000 4141
A multiple award-winning, 100% Indigenous owned, Supply Nation Certified company, based in Cairns, provides development consultancy services for businesses.

Eco-Accounts – contact Anita Simpson, [email protected]
Specialising in the EcoTourism Industry, Eco-Accountants are your Financial Management, bookkeeping, and advisory specialists.

Gateway Media – contact Fiona Nicholl, [email protected] or 07 4051 1777
Gateway Media can help with social media, sales foundations, niche market penetrations and email marketing services which allows local indigenous businesses to create awareness, promote cultural tourism which will in turn generate visitors to the region. Building a database will also increase the value of their business while building brand affinity.

Matson & Ridley Safaris – contact Tammie Matson, [email protected]
Matson & Ridley Safaris is the product of a lifetime’s passion and its wild places, people and animals. This consultant can help operators with creating packages, video, imagery, and Niche Market penetration.

Mission Solutions – contact Andrew Simpson, [email protected] or 0412 731 699
Experience to assist Indigenous Australians to achieve economic independence whilst maintaining and preserving their culture through innovative cultural tourism enterprises supported by flexible training and business support services.

Pinnacle Tourism Marketing – contact Michael Nelson, [email protected] or 07 4031 6447
A local company offering market representation and consultative services to products within the tourism industry focused. As the company name implies it is about reaching the highest level and creating new benchmarks in marketing strategies and sales opportunities.

Pacific Travel Industry Solutions – contact Guillaume Wolf, [email protected] or 07 4057 5136
With over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry and online travel agencies, PTIS offers tailored advice and hands-on professional skills to grow your travel business.

PhlipVids – contact Philip Warring, [email protected] or 0418159828
A video production company based in Cairns, provide professional videography, photography and drone operations anywhere around Australia.

Ros Harries Marketing – contact Rosalind Harries, [email protected] or 0439679132
Working across the Domestic and International markets and all distribution channels which include Inbound, Wholesale, and Online travel agents (third-party websites), they offer a number of opportunities to give your business a competitive advantage in these markets.

ReefTree – contact Brett Claxton, [email protected] or 0411774774
ReefTree can offer Tourism Solutions for Indigenous benefit. Brett can meet up with you face to face, discuss your dream of entering the Tourism Industry, Connect and guide you through the necessary steps in achieving your goals and help walk your through the path of making your product as best it can be.

Saltwater People – contact Bianca Barling-Seden, [email protected] or 0474081888
Indigenous owned and full-service creative agency that delivers strategic design communications and cross-cultural engagement. They provide expertise in remote project delivery and inclusive communication solutions.

Sheena Walshaw – contact [email protected] or 0409804334
Sheena is a locally experienced tourism operator with proven skills in Business Development, Strategic Business Planning, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Sales & Distribution, Ecotourism & Sustainability, Risk Management, Public Relations, Grant & Award Submission Writing.

Sea Country Australia – contact Steve O’Malley [email protected] or 07 4032 9696
Sea Country Australia is operated by Steve O’Malley and offers consultancy services on Indigenous Tourism, Management, Strategy and ICT systems.

StewArt Media – contact Danielle Johnson [email protected] or 1300 351 501
With years of SEO experience, unparalleled technical expertise and a refreshingly creative approach to online marketing, StewArt Media has helped hundreds of businesses increase their online presence.

Tourism Tap – contact Julie Cullen [email protected] or 0487 222 714
Developing new, or revitalising existing, tourism products including grant writing, market research, strategic planning, business case development, business plans. Events, ecotourism and tourist attractions are an area of specialisation.


Funding for operators of Indigenous Experiences

TTNQ advertised for operators of Indigenous Experiences to apply for funding from March – July 2021 to increase their marketing activity. 18 successful applications have been approved for funding in all three rounds of the TNQ Indigenous Experiences Mentoring Program.

To be eligible for up to $2,500 funding the operator must have an operating, bookable experience in Tropical North Queensland, and need the funding to make a major difference to their marketing.  This program ended 31 July 2021.

Check out the video on the TNQ Indigenous Experiences Mentoring Program. More information is here.


Content Creation Funding Project

TTNQ has secured funding from the Queensland Government towards marketing Indigenous Experiences for content creation (film and photoshoots) to augment content already created by TEQ and TTNQ.

Operators had the opportunity to apply for funding by completing a funding application form on details and supply of project quotes. Funding criteria applied. This project ended 30 June 2021.

Steering Committee for TNQ First Nations Tourism Action Plan

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council developed the Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan through broad industry and stakeholder consultant across the State. The State-wide plan provides the framework for strong future for indigenous tourism in Queensland.

The Tropical North Queensland Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group, a group of proactive indigenous and non-indigenous tourism operators and stakeholders, identified the need to expand on the excellent work of the State Plan to create a region specific First Nations Tourism Action Plan for Tropical North Queensland (the Plan).

A Steering Committee was formed in May 2021 to oversee the development and implementation of the Plan and the Steering Committee called for proposals from suitably qualified consultants to develop the plan in consultation with the industry and key stakeholders. The consultant has been appointed and the project is currently underway.


Dam that’s a nice view 🌊😉 Say hello to #KoombooloombaDam, a spot frequented by skiers, anglers & campers alike 🏕🎣 Located west of #Tully, about 40km from #Ravenshoe, this dam was actually built with the purpose of hydroelectric power generation, but we think it’s a nice place for a getaway (to the outdoorsy kind at least!) 🌿
​📸 @agirlcalledsteph #seeaustralia #exploreTNQ  #explorecairnsGBR #thisisqueensland
Is it a possum? Is it a monkey? No, it’s a climbing kangaroo! 🦘🌴 

@tropicalnorthqueensland is home to @australia’s only two species of tree kangaroos - the Lumholtz’s & the Bennett’s tree kangaroos 🌿☀️ These furry faces are notoriously elusive & difficult to spot, even more so because of their solitary nature. Males are known to be aggressive to others entering their territory but, they tend to hang out in the canopy & are most active at night, so you’ll count yourself lucky if you even spot one in the wild 😴✨ 

Best places to spot tree kangaroos? Rainforest areas on the @athertontablelands, like at @nerada_tea ☕️ Didn’t spot one on your travels? Head to @rainforestation or @wildlifehabitat to check out their resident roos 🙌
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It's beginning to look like Christmas on the #CairnsEsplanade 🎄☀️ Palm trees are swaying, lights are twinkling & the decorations have been dusted off for another year as we count down the days until Santa arrives 🎅Where better to get a view of this magnificent tree than from atop Oaks Cairns Hotel at @oakandvinerestaurant? 🍹
Did you see the Christmas tree light up last week? ✨​

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Nothing beats the pastels of sunset at #FourMileBeach in @portdouglasdaintree 🌴🌅 This magical spot is one of @tropicalnorthqueensland's most famed beaches & it's not hard to see why ☀️Take to the sands by bicycle, hire a sun lounge & spend your day relaxing under the shade of an umbrella or take a dip in the calm waters ⛱🌺 Here you’ll also find the trailhead to Flagstaff Hill & plenty places to eat within walking distance 🌴 Anywhere you stay in Port Douglas is far from the beach, but there are a number of accommodation options where you’ll walk right out onto the beach 🐚✨
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There’s something sow amazing about gardens, right? 😉

If you’re a little bit of a green thumb, you might want to spend a little time exploring this beauty in Cairns 🍃 The Flecker Botanic Gardens are home to an incredible array of plants & wildlife (mainly birds, but we could watch them all day! 🦜) Try a tour of the garden, check out the visitor information centre & let the kids explore their inner nature fanatic with the fortnightly activity program for children under five - there’s crafts, stories, sing alongs & garden discovery walks! 🌿

If you’re looking for a little more action, just a short walk or drive down the road you’ll find the Tanks Arts Centre & the many arrow walking trails 🥾🎭

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A new perspective on a old, really old 🌴🙌 If you’d prefer your history lesson taught outside the classroom, then point your compass west & get ready to step back in time ⏱👈 The Chillagoe-Mungana Caves began to form 400 million years ago when the landscape was covered by a shallow sea 🌊⛰️ No, you won’t find batman hiding out in here, but you might be lucky enough to spot some bats! 🦇 Ripe with natural & cultural heritage, this incredible place is only a 3hr drive from #Cairns on the @athertontablelands 🚙
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