Work in Paradise

Work in Paradise

The Queensland Government and TTNQ are offering job seekers the chance to get paid to work and play in Cairns & Great Barrier Reef.

The Queensland Government launched the Work in Paradise campaign in Cairns today to lure workers from across Australia to take a tourism job in regional Queensland.

The $7.5 million package aims to address a critical shortage of workers at tourism businesses and will deliver a $1500 incentive for workers to keep a job and a $250 travel bonus to encourage workers to travel from outside our region for a job.

TTNQ will give eligible workers who travel more than 100km a $200 Cairns Holiday Dollar voucher to ensure they not only work hard but play hard in Cairns & Great Barrier Reef.

The tourism industry in Cairns & Great Barrier Reef has been creating 60 jobs a week since tourism started booming in February, but without the international travellers and students our operators are finding it hard to meet the growing demand.

Our international travellers are missing, and our operators are struggling to meet the surge in domestic demand. This is paradise, but it is not just our world class nature that makes the difference for holidaymakers, it is the people who create the memorable experiences.

This winter we want to help the businesses that are trying to close the $2 billion gap left behind by COVID-19 and ensure they have the staff to offer the great tourism experiences that have made Cairns & Great Barrier Reef a sought after international travel destination.

The incentive applies to job seekers who start work from 20 May 2021, and will begin payments to workers from 1 July 2021. The program is open for 12 months, but applications must be made within the next six months.

Eligible jobs include bar tenders, dive masters, kitchen hands, waiters and chefs and accommodation is available at a range of share house, homes stay and hostels.

Work in Paradise will connect jobseekers with jobs and potentially provide a pathway to a long-term career in the tourism industry in your dream location.

The Queensland Government and TTNQ will run a national advertising campaign including regular news features on the regions new staff and their stories.


How you can help

We encourage all operators to share this link: on social media and LinkedIn to ensure workers around Australia know Cairns & Great Barrier Reef is the place to work and play. We also need you to share the stories of your new employees with TTNQ so we can publicise them, and please encourage others to get involved. Email Liz Inglis – [email protected] to share a story.


[Work in Paradise – TTNQ Member Notice  – 20 May 2021]