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Our Promise of Greater Good is about continually improving as an industry and region, as well as introducing how our community has been making efforts in sustainable business (tourism) practices to limit our footprint and proactively give back through research, conservation, and regeneration projects.

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26 Apr 2024
Small World Journeys’ waste initiatives

It’s no secret that no one really likes cleaning out our office compost bin. It’s full of limp vegetables, bruised bits of fruit, and the remnants of last Tuesday’s lunch. Guides are also not thrilled about picking the forbidden piece of salami out of a pile of food destined for our big compost bin (where meat doesn’t belong). Despite this, each week the team at Small World Journeys carefully sorts not only our food scraps but our recyclables, landfill waste and soft plastics.

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26 Apr 2024
Sustainability Leaders News – April 2024

This month our EDM is all about data! It’s a topic that some of us love and some of us are a little nervous about, but in the sustainability space it’s a wonderful way to look at the position of a business in order to set meaningful goals, to benchmark and to utilise information to tell the good stories of achievement as they are met.

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20 Feb 2024
Sustainability data systems with Twinsition

Twinsition is a Cairns-based Sustainability advisory firm providing sustainability data systems and carbon accounting consulting services. We help organisations optimise systems, empower people, and streamline processes for the collection, management, visualisation, and reporting of energy, carbon, water, and waste data.

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20 Feb 2024
Sustainability at Cairns Airport

Cairns Airport is half way through a five-year Environment Strategy focusing on climate change, waste reduction, water efficiency, biodiversity protection, pollution prevention, and working with the local community. These initiatives led to Cairns Airport being crowned Airport of the Year twice in 2023, winning the Major Airport of the Year category at the Australian Airports Association (AAA) National Airport Industry Awards and being named Airport of the Year at the Australian Aviation Awards. Cairns Airport also took out the Airport Excellence Award for Sustainability for their Australia-first Sustainability Linked Loan agreement, which features a unique target committing to regenerating threatened species.

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20 Feb 2024
CEO Message | Sustainability Leader Cluster Group Notice

TTNQ’s vision is for Tropical North Queensland to be the leader in ecotourism in Australia. Our mission is for every visitor to leave our destination as a custodian of the region’s stories. We recognise you as one of the operators with the greatest commitment to sustainable tourism who takes the time to share the stories of how we are looking after TNQ’s unique natural and cultural places and I would like to welcome you to TTNQ’s new Sustainability Leaders Group. Each of you has made a significant commitment to sustainable tourism through the accreditation or certification of your business and you have been working for many years in engaging our visitors with the region’s story.

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TTNQ Pathways to Sustainable Tourism booklet

Learn how to adopt sustainable business practices and plan your journey towards the greater good.

Partners and Organisations

The following Australian organisations are actively working towards achieving sustainable goals and providing significant resources and support to businesses for sustainability.


Waste and Procurement

Food Waste Matters – Find out how to turn waste into profit

Reduce Food Waste at Your Business – For businesses in the food service industry, consider these steps to help you reduce food waste

Stop Food Wate Australia – Help businesses fight food waste and build a more sustainable, resilient and profitable food system

Boomerang Alliance  – Plastic Free project that works with communities to help reduce single-use plastic packaging

Rethink Business Waste – Business Waste Incentives aimed at halving waste to landfill


Community and Culture

Queensland Tourism Industry Council – Best Practice Guide for Working with First Nations Tourism



Queensland’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Strategy – 10-year strategy and plan to accelerate Queensland towards a cleaner, greener transport future while making sure the energy networks support the transition to zero-emission vehicles

Queensland’s Electric Super Highway – Connects electric vehicle drivers across our state and includes fast charging locations at a range of coastal and inland locations


Natural Environment and Climate

Climate Council of Australia – Australia’s own independent, evidence-based organisation on climate science, impacts and solutions. View the latest reports, podcasts, infographics and myth-busting guides about the climate

Take 3 for the Sea – An award-winning Australian charity on a mission to rid the oceans of plastic pollution

Tangaroa Blue Foundation – An Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris: one of the major environmental issues worldwide

Parley for the Oceans – Based in Cairns, the team operates along the Great Barrier Reef and beyond to conduct cleanups, conservation and education

Rainforest Rescue – Their projects include re-establish rainforests through planting, maintenance, and restoration programs, as well as purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforests and preserving their biodiversity

Envirocare – Is involved with many different projects with multiple organisations, all of whom are working towards the protection & regeneration of rainforests

Terrain National Resource Management – An environmental management organisation working in Australia’s Wet Tropics region of Tropical North Queensland

Reforest – Helping businesses and events take authentic climate action by planting trees in local reforestation projects through our web platform


Carbon Credits

Aboriginal Carbon Foundation – Aims to achieve economic independence and social and emotional health and wellbeing for First Nations people through carbon farming and cultural fire credits

Green Collar – Reef Credits is a voluntary environmental market that addresses the issue of poor water quality at the Great Barrier Reef by paying land managers for improved water quality resulting from their on-farm actions without compromising the productivity of their land.


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@crankworxcairns is only just ramping up... 🚴🌴

You won't want to miss out on all the action this weekend out at the Smithfield MTB park! While you're here, make sure to pack your itinerary like an adrenaline junkie and meet Tropical North Queensland's adventurous side 💪🪂

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They say you should always look up on your travels & this is why 👆🍃 What better way to spend the weekend than with a hike to the breathtaking #NandroyaFalls, beginning just west of the Henrietta Creek camping area 🏕 Not only is this a great spot for a swim, but it's also one of the few places in the @wettropicsworldheritage rainforest that you can find the world's largest fern, the King Fern 🌱

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Okay, we know we’ve posted a lot of @portdouglasdaintree lately, but with views like this can you really blame us? 😍🌴🩵

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[ID: video of purple and gold sunrise at the beach in Port Douglas]
Ahh @visitpalmcove you really do know how to put on a show 🌅

But pretty palms aren’t the only reason to visit this beachside village – you’ll also find 500 year-old melaleuca trees dotted between restaurants, resorts & day spas. Aussies, who needs a passport when this paradise is only a short flight away? 🛫 (And to our friends overseas, get your passport ready 😉)

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[ID: Tropical palm trees on the beach with the sun setting in the background]
Winter is coming…but not to Tropical North Queensland 🌴
Winter in the tropics is the perfect place to escape the chilly weather with average temperatures barely dropping below 20ºC (68ºF for all of our American followers) 🥶
So while our friends down south are shivering we’ll be at the beach, and you can be to if you book your winter holiday up here in the tropics 💅🦋
See you soon? 👋
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[ID: couple exploring Tropical North Queensland in sunny weather, including resort pools islands, beaches and bars]
What better way to treat your mum this Mother’s Day than with an experience in Tropical North Queensland? 🌴🦋

What’s even better is that so many of our awesome operators are offering discounts and free trips for your mum today - so don’t miss out on an epic tour today 🫶

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