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Our Promise of Greater Good

Our Promise of Greater Good

….is about continually improving as an industry and region, as well as introducting how our community has been making efforts in sustainable business (tourism) practices to limit our footprint and proactively give back through research, conservation and regeneration projects.

TTNQ Pathways to Sustainable Tourism booklet

Learn how to adopt sustainable business practices and plan your journey towards the greater good.


A wide variety of Federal and State Government support, assistance and grants programs are available to allow businesses to plan for a more sustainable future.


Government Departments and Agencies

Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Australian Department of Agriculture, Water & Environment

Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment & Water

Business Advice 

Queensland Government Climate Action Resources for the Tourism Industry – Actions your business can take to increase profitability, capitalise on future opportunities, become more sustainable and manage climate risk


Emissions Reduction Fund – Financial incentives for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.

Product Stewardship for Oil Program – Financial benefits for businesses that recycle oil

Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme – Rebates to individuals and businesses who have purchased a new zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV)

Green Initiatives – Assitance programs, grants, incentives, awards and subsidies for individuals, groups, community networks and businesses

Programs and Tools

ecoBiz Queensland – This program provides personal coaching, site surveys, training and tools to small and medium-sized businesses to help them improve resource efficiency and environmental sustainability and reduce operating costs

Recycling and Waste in Queensland – Explore the latest waste and recycling policies

Environmental Management – find out how you can reduce the amount of energy, water and waste your business uses to help save money and the environment

Grants and Program Finder – This guided search will help you find grants, funding and support programs from across the government

Climate Change Risk Management Tool – Information for small businesses on climate change, the related risks and checklists to assess these risks.

Queensland’s new-industry development strategy – This strategy details the commitment to growing the economy for all regions and communities by delivering new sustainable economic growth and future-facing industry development

Regional Economic Futures Fund – A new program to support communities in seizing industry development opportunities presented by global decarbonisation

Climate Active – An Australian government-business partnership promoting voluntary climate action, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices

Partners and Organisations

The following Australian organisations are actively working towards achieving sustainable goals and providing significant resources and support to businesses for sustainability.

Waste and Procurement

ecoBiz Queensland – One of the biggest expenses for business is water, energy and waste bills.  Through ecoBiz, you can save your business money, while also making your operation more sustainable

Food Waste Matters – Find out how to turn waste into profit

Reduce Food Waste at Your Business – For businesses in the food service industry consider these steps to help you reduce food waste

Stop Food Wate Australia – Help businesses fight food waste and build a more sustainable, resilient and profitable food system

Boomerang Alliance  – Plastic Free project that works with communities to help reduce single-use plastic packaging

Rethink Business Waste – Business Waste Incentives aimed to halve waste to landfill

Community and Culture

Queensland Tourism Industry Council – Best Practice Guide for Working with First Nations Tourism


Queensland’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Strategy – 10-year strategy and plan to accelerate Queensland towards a cleaner, greener transport future while making sure the energy networks support the transition to zero-emission vehicles

Queensland’s Electric Super Highway – Connects electric vehicle drivers across our state and includes fast charging locations at a range of coastal and inland locations

Natural Environment and Climate 

Climate Council of Australia – Australia’s own independent, evidence-based organisation on climate science, impacts and solutions. View the latest reports, podcasts, infographics and myth-busting guides about the climate

Take 3 for the Sea – An award-winning Australian charity on a mission to rid the oceans of plastic pollution

Tangaroa Blue Foundation – An Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris: one of the major environmental issues worldwide

Parley for the Oceans – Based in Cairns, the team operates along the Great Barrier Reef and beyond to conduct cleanups, conservation and education

Rainforest Rescue – Their projects include re-establish rainforests through planting, maintenance, and restoration programs, as well as purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforests and preserving their biodiversity

Envirocare – Is involved with many different projects with multiple organisations, all of whom are working towards the protection & regeneration of rainforests

Terrain National Resource Management – An environmental management organisation working in Australia’s Wet Tropics region of Tropical North Queensland

Reforest – Helping businesses and events take authentic climate action by planting trees in local reforestation projects through our web platform

Carbon Credits

Aboriginal Carbon Foundation – Aims to achieve economic independence and social and emotional health and wellbeing for First Nations people through carbon farming and cultural fire credits

Green Collar – Reef Credits is a voluntary environmental market that addresses the issue of poor water quality at the Great Barrier Reef by paying land managers for improved water quality resulting from their on-farm actions, without compromising the productivity of their land.


Hello from #CapeTribulation in @portdouglasdaintree 🌴✨

Have you ever been to the ancient Daintree Rainforest? 💚

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Open your ears and hear the incredible sounds of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest 🌴💚✨

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Time for a quick biology lesson 🧑‍🔬

The Pygmy Seahorse is a master of disguise, able to mirror the textures and colours of the coral they live in 🪸 Since these seahorses are too small to fend off predators, they change colour to mimic their environment and become almost invisible! 😮

Did you know that these guys often spend their entire lives in one particular coral? 🌊🐚

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New pics from the set of Jurassic Park…oh wait, no that’s just Hinchinbrook Island 🌴🦖

Located in @cassowarycoastaustralia, Hinchinbrook Island is the most southern island in Tropical North Queensland, but it's not hard to see why it's one of our favourites! 🙌

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Have you ever spotted a majestic cassowary in the wild? 🌴✨🐦

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Talk about a family adventure! Say hello to the Family Islands group, including the incredible Wheeler Island 🏝🐠 You’ll find this stunner off the coast of #MissionBeach in the @cassowarycoastaustralia 🦋🌴 From fishing & adventure to a lavish luxury on a secluded island, this cluster of tropical goodness is one for the bucket list! 🎣🌺

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