TTNQ Strategic Direction 2023 – 2025

Tourism Tropical North Queensland, as the Regional Tourism Organisation, brings together the industry and community as the custodians of a destination and a suite of brands with a long and proud history of involvement in the visitor economy. Our bold ambition by 2025 is to grow the value of the visitor economy in the region to $5B, four years ahead of the 2021 forecasts.

TTNQ Vision & Mission

Destination Vision

A highly valued and respected, results-driven organisation, working in partnership with our stakeholders to deliver world-class, innovative destination marketing, supported by our community.

Destination Mission

That every visitor leaves as a custodian of our region and its stories, sharing their experience globally to drive future visitation.

TTNQ Strategic Priorities

  1. Deliver a unified brand story to become Australia’s most desirable leisure, business event and corporate travel destination.
  2. Increase the region’s market share of domestic visitor nights and spend, including growth in luxury, adventure, events and drive.
  3. Restore the regions aviation seat capacity, both domestic and international and global travel restarts.
  4. Support our industry to adapt, delivering year-round visitation, encouraging greater dispersal and driving repeat visitation from key markets.
  5. Increase our share of voice, through strong partnerships and a culture of innovation.

TTNQ Business Goals

As an organiser in the visitor economy we can influence:

  • Share of Voice: increase awareness and engagement with our story through our partners.
  • Share of nights: Drive visitor arrivals, nights and spend per person.
  • Spend Year-Round: driving year-round visitation, dispersal.
  • Satisfaction: a sustainable organisation, delivering results for partners, members, visitors, and our community and sharing the region’s stories of sustainable practice.

TTNQ Values


  • Personal grooming and presentation professionally appropriate to your role
  • Delivering quality outcomes within set timeframes
  • Demonstrating a strong work ethic to deliver quality outcomes
  • Communicating clearly
  • Behaving in a fair, logical and consistent manner
  • Proactively supporting the mission and vision of the company
  • Promoting self development and team growth


  • Actively supporting TTNQ values
  • Valuing individuals input equally
  • Demonstrating active listening by;
    o allowing someone to speak without interrupting,
    o listening to what’s being said and providing a meaningful reply to ideas and opinions
  • Being dependable
  • Being empathetic
  • Being honest


  • A willingness to work together as a team
  • Actively seeking opinions from other team members
  • Being actively involved in group discussion and looking to solve team problems
  • Volunteering to assist with components of teamwork
  • Actively listening to all team member’s contributions
  • Acknowledging individual team input
  • Supporting team decisions


  • Consistently communicating in a positive and open manner
  • Showing consideration, understanding and respect for the team and stakeholders
  • Having respect for diversity by embracing differences in talents, strengths and weaknesses
  • Embracing positive recognition


  • Encouraging creativity to develop fresh ideas
  • Facilitating creative and collaborative ideas
  • Supporting creative and constructive debate


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Have you heard about the Cardwell Spa Pool before? 💙

This stunning blue pool is one of the most famous stops along the Cardwell Forest Drive in @cassowarycoastaustralia 🌴 While it looks incredible through parts of the year, it isn’t always this full, so make sure you check in with the local visitor information centres before heading off to avoid disappointment.

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Happy World Tourism Day 🌴🦋

Did you know that the tourism industry in Tropical North Queensland is crucial to the protection and management of the Great Barrier Reef? Here’s how 🪸🐠

1. Coral Nurture Program
2. Reef Restoration 
3. Coral Rubble Stabilisation
4. Living coral biobank
5. Great Barrier Reef Census

And of course the most important part…you!

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The #CathedralFigTree has a pretty incredible history - the short story is that It's the result of a strangler fig taking over a host tree which eventually rotted away to leave what you see before you today, but it’s much more complicated than that! 😉 🌿

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In case you weren’t already aware, some of the best waterfalls in the region are found in #CapeYork 🌴🧡 It’s prime time to head north, so don’t forget to visit our bio link and learn what a trip to The Tip is all about! 🚙

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