Destination Management Plan

Tourism Toward 2032
Destination Management Plan


Tourism Tropical North Queensland, as the Regional Tourism Organisation, brings together the industry and the community to increase the visitor economy through destination marketing, partnering in the region with local tourism organisations and over 666 industry members.

The region has geographical coverage of 20% of Queensland, stretching from Cardwell in the south to the Torres Strait in the north and out west to the Northern Territory border.

As one of the world’s most inspiring nature-based destinations, it is the gateway to hundreds of accessible experiences set on the stage of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s oldest rainforest and the outback. Inhabited by an ancient culture and shared by passionate locals.


What can you do

TTNQ is in the process of developing a ten-year Destination Management Plan as our roadmap to sustainable tourism growth towards 2032 and beyond.

We appointed consultant Krista Hauritz to facilitate the workshop; she has a wealth of experience in tourism management and community engagement.

TTNQ is carrying out this session across Tropical North Queensland. From your feedback, and with the help of your Local Tourism Organisation or Local Government representative, Krista will work on a plan to define your specific region’s long-term vision and ensure all the community and stakeholders are committed to the deliverables with an agreed understanding of what success looks like.

The first round of workshops held earlier this year helped set our direction, summarised in the Directions Paper. Now it’s time to priorities our initiatives to ensure they have the greatest impact and get attention.

If you would like to join one of the round two regional sessions, please register below:

Cairns Session #1 – 25 October REGISTER HERE

Cairns Session #2 – 31 October REGISTER HERE

South Cairns (Gordonvale & Babinda) – 2 November REGISTER HERE

Cassowary Coast Session – 2 November REGISTER HERE

Atherton Tablelands Session – 3 November REGISTER HERE

Mareeba Shire Session – 13 November REGISTER HERE

Port Douglas Session – 16 November REGISTER HERE

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Session – 17 November REGISTER HERE

Trinity Beach – 20 November REGISTER HERE

Gulf Savannah – 21 November (online) REGISTER HERE

Cooktown Session – 27 November REGISTER HERE

North Peninsula Area Session – 28 November. Registration coming soon.

Thursday Island Session – 29 November. Registration coming soon.

For any questions, please get in touch with our Industry Relations Manager [email protected]

For Reference view the Current Tropical North Queensland Destination Tourism Plan 2021



New pics from the set of Jurassic Park…oh wait, no that’s just Hinchinbrook Island 🌴🦖

Located in @cassowarycoastaustralia, Hinchinbrook Island is the most southern island in Tropical North Queensland, but it's not hard to see why it's one of our favourites! 🙌

📸 @schmidtdogg_ #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia #cassowarycoast
Have you ever spotted a majestic cassowary in the wild? 🌴✨🐦

🎥 @artlife.films #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR
Talk about a family adventure! Say hello to the Family Islands group, including the incredible Wheeler Island 🏝🐠 You’ll find this stunner off the coast of #MissionBeach in the @cassowarycoastaustralia 🦋🌴 From fishing & adventure to a lavish luxury on a secluded island, this cluster of tropical goodness is one for the bucket list! 🎣🌺

📸 @reags.and.danni #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #cassowarycoast
Army duck 🛻💨

#exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #bentleygirl
Discover the natural beauty of the Wet Tropics World Heritage listed rainforest as you hop aboard one of the most picturesque railways in the country, the @kurandascenicrailway 🚞 You’ll be weaving your way through mountain ranges & past stunning waterfalls as you travel through 15 handmade tunnels & across 37 breathtaking bridges 🦋 

Looking for a fancier ride? Sit back & relax in Gold class luxury as you enjoy a drink & dine on tasty local produce 🍇🥂

📸 @syun514 #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #train #rainforest
Discover a wellness weekend in the tropics with this 3-day itinerary 🧖🏼‍♀️🥂

Click our bio link to see more ☝️

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We’ve spent a lot of this week showing you around @portdouglasdaintree, but it’s not hard to see why with so many incredible views so here’s one more! 🌴☀️

📍 Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

🎥 @sharma_07 #exploreTNQ #explorecairnsGBR #portdouglasdaintree