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There’s something sow amazing about gardens, right? 😉

If you’re a little bit of a green thumb, you might want to spend a little time exploring this beauty in Cairns 🍃 The Flecker Botanic Gardens are home to an incredible array of plants & wildlife (mainly birds, but we could watch them all day! 🦜) Try a tour of the garden, check out the visitor information centre & let the kids explore their inner nature fanatic with the fortnightly activity program for children under five - there’s crafts, stories, sing alongs & garden discovery walks! 🌿

If you’re looking for a little more action, just a short walk or drive down the road you’ll find the Tanks Arts Centre & the many arrow walking trails 🥾🎭

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A new perspective on a old, really old 🌴🙌 If you’d prefer your history lesson taught outside the classroom, then point your compass west & get ready to step back in time ⏱👈 The Chillagoe-Mungana Caves began to form 400 million years ago when the landscape was covered by a shallow sea 🌊⛰️ No, you won’t find batman hiding out in here, but you might be lucky enough to spot some bats! 🦇 Ripe with natural & cultural heritage, this incredible place is only a 3hr drive from #Cairns on the @athertontablelands 🚙
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They say you should always look up on your travels & this is why 👆🍃Explore the beautiful @athertontablelands with a hike along the #NandroyaFalls circuit, beginning just west of the Henrietta Creek camping area 🏕Not only is this a great spot for a hike & swim, but it's also one of the few places in the @wettropicsworldheritage rainforest that you can find the world's largest fern, the King Fern 🌱
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Out of the reef & onto the beach, in #MissionBeach no less! 🌴

Though the reef is still pretty close! Did you know that Mission Beach was the birthplace of the @gbrmarinepark & is the closest access point to the reef, making it the ultimate spot for snorkelling, diving & boating ⛵️🌊 Our tip: Ask the locals for some epic places to explore!

If underwater wonderlands aren’t quite your scene, there’s plenty to see above ground as well, from beautiful beaches to raging rapids & cool waterholes 🍃🏝
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If you weren’t already aware, we’ve got some epic stays in @tropicalnorthqueensland & @riley.crystalbrookcollection might be up there with the best! 🐚🥂 This weekend’s forecast is all blue skies & poolside cocktails 🏝☀️ Click the bio link to find out why you need Riley in your life ✨

Who are you staying here with? 👇
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Have you ever dreamt of building your very own castle? Well, so did José Paronella 🏰 First opened to the public in 1935, @paronellapark has remained virtually unchanged since then 💫 Like something out of an old love story, this spot is truly a magical & unforgettable place nestled amongst the lush @wettropicsworldheritage rainforest, it’s the kind of place that you say you'll drop in for a few hours & end up spending the whole day 🌿✨

With stories & relics for the history buffs, beautiful plantations for the nature lovers ​& even a hydroelectric plant, there’s endless things to explore here 🦋

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