Indigenous Experiences

TNQ Indigenous Experiences Cluster

Tourism Tropical North Queensland facilitates the TNQ Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group where operators and stakeholders share knowledge and work together to build our Indigenous experience offerings. The groups role, scope and guiding principles are here. To be included in group emails please contact Leota Munro-Tom, Project Officer, TTNQ.

Through the TNQ Indigenous Cluster Group a mentoring program was funded by the Department of Tourism Innovation and Sport in the Year of Indigenous Tourism to support 19 Indigenous tourism operators to grow their business. See some of their stories here. While the program is not ongoing, there are opportunities for Indigenous businesses to join TTNQ-led business mentoring program by being a part of the TTNQ operator network.

TNQ First Nations Tourism Action Plan

The Tropical North Queensland Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group, identified the need to develop a region-specific First Nations Tourism Action Plan for Tropical North Queensland (the Plan). A Steering Committee, starting with three nominees of the Cluster, was formed in May 2021 to oversee the development and implementation of the Plan. Over 30 regional workshops and consultations were undertaken in the development of the Plan in 2022, with over 300 stakeholders consulted. The findings of this work are summarised in the Consultation Report.

The Plan builds on local tourism plans and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan 2020-2025. The State-wide plan provides the framework for a strong future for Indigenous tourism in Queensland. QTIC has also produced the Best Practice Guide for Working with First Nations Tourism in Queensland.

The Cluster would like to thank and acknowledge the Queensland Government through the Year of Indigenous Tourism program, who provided the funding for the Plan, along with TTNQ who co-funded this important initiative. The Plan is now a ‘living document’ meaning that its actions and priorities are reviewed at each monthly Cluster meeting, and they changes can be made to the plan, in consultation with the Steering Committee and relevant agencies. Changes can be proposed at each Cluster meeting or by writing to Leota Munro-Tom.

The TNQ First Nations Tourism Action Plan is funded by the Queensland Government through the Year of Indigenous Tourism program, with support from Tourism Tropical North Queensland.


Views from the top of Mount Tyson in Tully Gorge National Park 🌿✨

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Some say these guys are the lego of the ocean, we say stonefish are just masters of disguise…just don’t step on them 🐠

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Forget flop & drop island holidays, set your alarm and catch the sunrise from the hilltops 😍✨

📍 Cooks Lookout, Lizard Island

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Welcome to the tropics, enough said, just watch 😉🦋

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Come with us on an outback adventure to @cobboldgorge 🧡🌴 #exploretnq #explorecairnsgbr #gulfsavannahoutback
You might be surprised to find out that #GreenIsland is actually a sand cay! This means the island gradually grew over the past 6000 years or so as the ocean collected sand, rubble and other reef debris into a pile that later grew plant life and began it’s journey to being one of our favourite tropical islands 🪸🏝️

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Here in the tropics, we pride ourselves on making travel accessible to everyone! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to explore the world as someone with accessibility requirements then @queensland have got just the thing for you 🙌

Head over to to discover Accessed That, a brand new podcast with Oliver Hunter, a comedian with Cerebral Palsy and Paralympic swimmer Karni Liddell, as they chat to travel lovers about their experience navigating the world, hearing the highs, the lows and the low down from the people who have been there, accessed that 💙👨‍🦽

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