Indigenous Experiences

Steering Committee for TNQ First Nations Tourism Action Plan


The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) developed the Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan through broad industry and stakeholder consultation across the State. The State-wide plan provides the framework for a strong future for Indigenous tourism in Queensland. QTIC has also produced the Best Practice Guide for Working with First Nations Tourism in Queensland.

The Tropical North Queensland Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group, a group of proactive Indigenous and non-Indigenous tourism operators and stakeholders, identified the need to expand on the excellent work of the State Plan to create a region-specific First Nations Tourism Action Plan for Tropical North Queensland (the Plan).

A Steering Committee was formed in May 2021 to oversee the development and implementation of the Plan. The Steering Committee has appointed a Project Coordinator to assist in consultations with the industry and key stakeholders. The project is currently underway.

Consultation Program

Consultation workshops seeking input into the First Nations Tourism Action Plan for Tropical North Queensland took place across the region between May to August 2022, to support the development of Indigenous tourism. A desktop review of existing plans, a stakeholder survey and meetings in 13 communities across the region were undertaken along with one-on-one meetings with a range of stakeholders, with over 300 stakeholders consulted. The findings of this work are summarised in the Consultation Report.

The Plan draft

The plan is a living document owned by the Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group and it will be regularly reviewed. Feedback is welcomed and those interested are invited to attend cluster meetings. Feel free to email Kirsty Burchill if you have any questions or would like to share your comments this way. View the draft Plan here


The TNQ First Nations Tourism Plan is funded by the Queensland Government through the Year of Indigenous Tourism program, with support from Tourism Tropical North Queensland.

TNQ Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group

Tourism Tropical North Queensland facilitates the TNQ Indigenous Experiences Cluster Group where operators and stakeholders share knowledge and work together to build our Indigenous Experience offerings. The groups role, scope and guiding principles are here.  To be included in group emails please contact Kirsty Burchill via [email protected] or Georgie Sadler, Industry Relations Manager, TTNQ via [email protected].

NOTE: Kirsty is available on Fridays only. For any urgent enquiries outside this day, please contact Georgie Sadler.


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