2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting

of the Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau Ltd t/a Tourism Tropical North Queensland ACN: 009 953 084,
was held on Friday 16 October 2020, 10.00am via virtual platform.

Board Director election outcomes:

The following Board Directors were elected at the AGM:

General Directors

BRADBERY, Craig – Silky Oaks Lodge
GILLIES, Jeff – Coral Expeditions
GORDON, Joel – Crystalbrook Collection
REYNOLDS, Wayne – The Reef Hotel Casino

Cairns South Zone Director

Is a representative of a financial member of TTNQ located within the area encompassed by the local government of Cairns Regional Council, excluding the Cairns North Zone.

HAMILTON, Janet – Cairns Convention Centre

Cairns North Zone Director

Is a representative of a financial member of TTNQ located within the area identified for the local government of Douglas Shire and encompasses the areas north of Ellis Beach to the Bloomfield River.

BENNETT, Tara – Tourism Port Douglas Daintree

Corporate Governance


TTNQ Constitution

The Constitution of Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau, t/a Tourism Tropical North Queensland.
> View Constitution


TTNQ Board Charter

We are committed to achieving a high standard of corporate governance throughout the organisation, including the executive and managerial level. Through this commitment, we have adopted appropriate systems and processes to direct and manage the business and affairs of the corporation. Enhancements in this area are ongoing as we strive to achieve best practice outcomes.  > View TTNQ Board Charter October 2018


What does your elected director do on the board?

Some members might be surprised to know that a director is not a representative. At the board table, diverse views, skills and experience come together to collectively make decisions. Each director brings a unique perspective that adds to the board’s decision making but each decision is owned by the board as a whole.  > Read more


Statement of Intent

The Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau Limited, trading as Tourism Tropical North Queensland, Business Events Cairns & Great Barrier Reef, and Cairns & Tropical North Visitor Information Centre is a membership based company limited by guarantee. Tourism Tropical North Queensland provides leadership and guidance to the Tropical North Queensland tourism industry.  Our objective is to build destination awareness in Australia and selected international markets through a targeted programme of marketing activities.


We aim to be

  • A leader in destination management and champion of world’s best practice in sustainable tourism
  • An organisation recognised for conducting business in a professional and ethical manner with all its stakeholders, clients and industry


We plan to get there

  • By working in partnership with our Members, the Local Tourism Organisations, Local, State & Federal Governments; Tourism Queensland; Tourism Australia; Cairns Airports Limited, and other Industry and Community stakeholders to maximise sustainable tourism growth in Tropical North Queensland for the economic and social benefit of all Tropical North Queenslanders

Our values and guiding principles guide our day-to-day decision-making and assist in ensuring the brand values remain a key element of Tourism Tropical North Queensland’s culture. Our organisation values are:

    • Professionalism
    • Leadership
    • Respect
    • Creativity
    • Collaboration

Our Leadership Charter

Our leadership charter is integral to the behaviours that are evident in the workplace:

    • Lead by example
    • Embrace change
Be Approachable
Inspire a shared Direction
    • Empower others to act
    • Respect the values and beliefs of others


Doing business the TTNQ way

This document gives guidance on what is expected when performing our duties to ensure our decisions and behaviours are in line with the principles of public sector ethics and best practice.

Our Guiding Principles guide our day-to-day decision-making and support the framework upon which we implement our vision and mission.

    • We endeavour to push the limits and make the difference in all that we do
    • We are committed to a destination management approach in partnership with our key stakeholders
    • We are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism
    • We pursue a common vision through strategic industry leadership and alliance
    • We recognise our responsibilities to champion and protect the values of the brand of this region
    • We take a research based approach to marketing and development and understand and apply the consumer insights gained through this approach
    • We value knowledge and learning as key organisational and industry resources
    • We are committed to the values of teamwork and a team based approach to our business


We will therefore

  • Pay attention to our workforce, industry and the community and their respective needs
  • Ensure that our staff development and employment policies are carried out in a fair and non-discriminatory manner by observing the principles of equal opportunity
  • Enrich our tourism programs and policies by always drawing on relevant international, national and local perspectives and understandings
  • Maintain strategic partnerships with all stakeholders to enhance the research and development of our programs and activities
  • Conduct all business dealings and interactions legally, ethically, with honesty and integrity having regard to our company policies. This includes adhering to the ethics principles of respecting the law and the system of government, respect for persons, integrity, diligence and economy of efficiency
  • Seek mutual respect and a common understanding in all our dealings with external partners to ensure high quality partnerships


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