Brand Platform

What is happening?

Tourism Tropical North Queensland is inviting the industry to join us in sharing the region’s unique stories with the world. Through input from industry and key partners we have established a new brand platform that is driven by unique experiences and bookable products, and for the first time in the domestic market using the location name of Cairns & Great Barrier Reef (not Tropical North Queensland) to ensure our visitors know where we are and what to expect.

This aligns with the way we have located the region for international visitors for over 20 years. The geographic region remains Tropical North Queensland but the locator on our advertising shifts to Cairns & Great Barrier Reef.

The brand platform provides operators with the tools to shift brand perceptions to drive the story of Cairns & Great Barrier Reef. The region’s unique stories will be used to promote the destination through print, rich digital media, and user-generated content in the domestic and international markets, as part of the region’s $2.8 million domestic campaign which began in August 2019.

A mix of display and print advertising, Facebook, YouTube, television placements, billboards and a strong focus on publicity will drive traffic to our trade campaigns with key distribution partners. We are seeking to deliver over $40 million in sales to our members and generate more than $50 million in advertising value and awareness.

There will be opportunities for your business to buy into this campaign and to directly benefit from the bookings generated.


What is the brand story?

Launched on 11th March at Cairns Performing Arts Centre, Cairns & Great Barrier Reef’s brand promise is to inspire visitors to leave as custodians of the region.

Visitors will:
• See Great – through remarkable experiences
• Feel Great – through making a genuine connection with the place
• Leave Greater – as a person and by knowing that every visit makes a difference.

Experiencing our great, makes visitors greater. From our Great Barrier Reef to our great ancient rainforests and our great Indigenous culture and stories, visitors are transformed for life.

The region’s iconic experiences of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s oldest rainforest and everyday luxury – whether it’s enjoying tropical food or staying somewhere memorable – will be elevated through the branding.

However, Cairns & Great Barrier Reef is not just about our much-loved reef and rainforest. This brand will allow us to speak with more confidence about our many experiences including the outback and Indigenous culture.

Several hero experiences are currently working with the TTNQ team to align their signature experience with the new brand story. These experiences will be at the forefront of the Cairns & Great Barrier Reef brand story shared through all media channels. You can see an example below with Quicksilver’s video.

Brand Platform Launch, 11th March:

View the full gallery here.

The following presentations were shown at the Brand Platform Launch on 11th March 2020.

TTNQ Presentation

TEQ Presentation

Ignite Travel Video

Expedia Group Presentation

See Great. Feel Great. Leave Greater.

Quicksilver’s Experience Video

How can I be involved?

All TTNQ members can get involved by embracing the brand story of Cairns & Great Barrier Reef and using the brand platform’s tools. To assist we have created a Cairns & Great Barrier Reef Experience Toolkit. This toolkit will help each product to identify their unique value proposition and tell their story in a way that connects emotionally so they too become a part of a visitor’s brand story.

By working together to offer our brand promise to visitors, the Cairns & Great Barrier Reef messaging will create a united and sustainable message to attract visitors for years to come. These visitors will want to share their experience and become our greatest destination ambassadors.

Domestic Campaign 2020

Our $1.8-million domestic marketing campaign delivered in partnership with Tourism & Events Queensland and Cairns Regional Council will go to market in April. The aim of the campaign is to increase overnight visitor expenditure and length of stay. It will target high value travellers, affluent families and couples 50yo+ travelling without children in the priority domestic markets of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and regional New South Wales/Victoria/Queensland.

As with the sharing of the brand message, we need you to come onboard with great tactical offers to convert those considering us into visitation!

The media exposure will be extensive, with a media mix including 30 second TV ads, national press (print), digital ( and YouTube), social media, and outdoor advertising.

We have strong retail partners in Accor Hotels, Expedia and Ignite My QLD Holidays. Through their assets and media partners, they will provide this campaign with massive audience reach and, more importantly, conversion.

By taking advantage of these advertising deals, you can leverage off the extensive media coverage and increase your product exposure and bookings. TTNQ and TEQ have negotiated special campaign advertising bundles through News Corp. There will be space for three member offers per month, each running for four weeks, available from April through to December 2020.

Booking Deadline: 13th March 2020

NEXT STEPS > View the Campaign Package Options and complete the online booking form (on the last page of the Campaign Package Options). Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]

What’s next?

  • March 2020 – Cooperative marketing buy-in closes for round one and workshops commence for operators to learn how to leverage the brand
  • April/May 2020 – Round one of the domestic consumer and trade campaign
  • June 2020 – Always-on advertising, publicity, and social media
  • July – August 2020 – Round two cooperative marketing buy-in opportunities
  • September – October 2020 – Round two of the domestic consumer and trade campaign
  • November – December 2020 – Recap on results and planning for 2021

Our approach goes beyond a tagline and advertising to connect our visitors with your stories. Our destination’s success depends upon collaboration and making our visitors our region’s greatest ambassadors.