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CEO-Board Updates

CEO Column – 27 September 2017

News about the Great Barrier Reef will be shared each month through TTNQ’s new newsletter Reef Chat launched last week. This publication is intended for a broad audience so we encourage our members to share it with their contacts and ask them to subscribe to it.

Media, travel agents and travellers are constantly asking for up-to-date information on the Great Barrier Reef so we have created this monthly newsletter to focus on the people, places and science of the World Heritage area.

The Great Barrier Reef is the number one drawcard for Tropical North Queensland and our operators are passionate about sharing this World Heritage area with the world.

An extraordinary number of people from school children to scientists are doing their bit for the Great Barrier Reef both on the land and in the water and their stories are an inspiration for people who care about the Reef.

We want to keep the conversation about the Great Barrier Reef going and encourage people around the world to be knowledgeable advocates for this beautiful and diverse ecosystem.

Please encourage the public to see the newsletter on our website and subscribe to future editions.

Reef Chat is distributed on the third Thursday of each month. Please submit your Great Barrier Reef news to Reef Chat here before the second Thursday of every month.