Strong interest in summer

TTNQ’s Summer Great campaign generated almost $4.5 million in publicity for Cairns & Great Barrier Reef from October to December 2020. This included $331,265 publicity from the Sydney giant snorkeller activation alone, with the remainder from media releases, CEO interviews and having media in region, including Today’s weather crew.

Our Summer landing page on the destination website received over 58,000 page views in the past three months, contributing to 10% of our total website page views and more than doubled the performance of our second top page which also had campaign activity driving to it.

The primary objectives for this campaign were to grow reach and awareness. Through this, our aim was to educate and shift perception with the domestic market to grow intent to spend their summer holiday in the tropics. The first month of the campaign has proven to be on track for these objectives, with more than 15 million digital impressions and a reach of almost 6 million across multiple social media ad sets, YouTube, and digital partners NewsCorp and Pedestrian TV. This activity contributed to the performance of the Summer landing page along with the more than 60,000 clicks direct to operators.

Engagement with Tropical North Queensland’s Instagram increased by 65% and by 7.14% on Facebook in the first month of campaign launch, in comparison to the previous month of reach. With influencers Hayley Andersen @haylsa and Kyle Hunter @kyle_hunter also helping boost audience reach by posting engaging summer content to their combined audience of 420,000.

Consumer conversion was supported through multiple retail partners including Luxury Escapes, Helloworld, Phil Hoffmann Travel and Expedia. Whilst we still have results from other retail partners to come in, we have generated $9.6 million in gross sales to-date during the Summer Great campaign.

The campaign to position Cairns & Great Barrier Reef as a summer holiday destination to the domestic market runs until 31 January. It includes flight deals, digital activity, Out of Home (billboards), press and retail partnerships.

[Summer Great mid-campaign report – TTNQ Fortnightly Pulse article – 28 January 2021]