Sustainability Leaders News – April 2024

This month our EDM is all about data with a focus on data measurement and management as a wonderful tool for setting meaningful sustainability goals, benchmarking progress within operations and utilising information to highlight environmental achievements and areas for improvement within businesses.

I know that many of you are already looking at different methodologies to measure waste, water and energy usage within your operations and some of you have specific calculations on your carbon footprint too. This edition of the TTNQ Sustainability Leaders newsletter highlights some of the options that are available to businesses who are looking to gauge their current position by measuring sustainability data and using this as a tool to work with your teams to implement strategies make improvements.

Three options for reviewing and calculating your current position are included from EarthCheck, EcoBiz and ERC (facilitating the ATIC Tourism Emissions Reduction Program) and over the coming weeks we will facilitate webinars with these providers, so you have the opportunity to learn more and engage in Q&A sessions with them. If you are using another method of assessing your data and are happy to share it, please reach out. I would love to know more!

This edition also features an insight from 2023 TNQ Sustainability Award Winner, Laurie Prichard of Small World Journeys. Laurie reflects on how businesses can incorporate measuring water/waste and energy into operations and work culture and motivate employees to being active and engaged in the process and outcomes of this. I have recently been out to visit Laurie and her team and it was fantastic to see the innovation, dedication and meaningful outcomes from the work being done at in their operation and amongst their team ….and they are open to collaboration too, so please connect with Laurie if something she mentions sparks interest for you. Her contact details are included in her article.

Please also reach out to me directly if you would like specific information on calculating/estimating emissions and sustainability data for your business and I will endeavour to connect you with some resources that may help you on your journey. I am best contacted via [email protected].

Nikki Giumelli
TTNQ Contractor