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What is so GREAT about Cairns & Great Barrier Reef?

Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

See Great, Leave Greater

Inspiring visitors to leave as custodians of the region

See Great

  • The world’s oldest living rainforest, older than the Amazon
  • The world’s best-managed and most diverse reef
  • The world’s oldest living culture, Australia’s Aboriginal people
  • Home to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional lands
  • One of the Top 10 UNESCO rock art sites in the world
  • Unique wildlife like the cassowary, a living dinosaur
  • Powerful ancient rivers carving out gorges and creating spectacular waterfalls
  • One of the world’s most significant fossil deposits, Riversleigh World Heritage Site
  • Internationally renowned adventure drives Cape York and the Savannah Way

Feel Great

  • Join expert guides who bring the region’s stories to life, Master Reef Guides and Savannah Guides
  • Enjoy an enviable lifestyle with year-round warm weather and a spectacular environment
  • Taste locally grown tropical fruits, fresh seafood, beef, dairy and coffee
  • Connect with the ancient wisdom of the world’s oldest living culture
  • Easily access Australia’s most global regional city with daily connections for people and freight

Leave Greater

  • Discover a community passionate about conservation of the environment and the region’s Indigenous cultures
  • Travel with a tour operator that contributes to the environment
  • Participate in an environmental conservation program
  • Visit the Great Barrier Reef knowing that you have contributed financially to its conservation