Images needed for TTNQ library

TTNQ needs high-resolution images, video and drone footage of Tropical North Queensland to be hosted on our media library. The images need to showcase the diversity of products in the region and should not highlight logos and business names.

The images and footage will be used by TTNQ, media and trade to promote Tropical North Queensland. This means TTNQ requires joint ownership of the copyright for all mediums in perpetuity so they can be used for any purpose without credit indefinitely.

If you are interested in sharing your images you can upload directly to the media library. New users please register here and under the prompt “How will you be using these digital assets?” include your reason as “Contribute content to the Tropical North Queensland media library”. Existing users, please email [email protected] to set you up with a contributor account.

Images and videos over 300mb should be supplied on a dropbox link or similar to [email protected]. Images with talent require a signed talent release form. Please provide by 31 May.

[Extract from May 2019 “TTNQ Fortnightly Pulse”]